Comparison Machine

Mining Equipment Benchmarking
GBI/QUT/UTS/Australian Federal Government

ZONE4 developed a subscription-based model for mining data company GBI. The interface gives managed online access to 8000 years of operational data from mining equipment located in mines all over the world. ZONE4 successfully managed four key stakeholders and delivered on time and budget. GBI clients can now pay for access, to interrogate the data to gain important insight prior to the purchase of expensive trucks, diggers and dragline mining equipment.

ZONE4 developed a stand-alone visualisation product. It is a dynamic, online subscription solution where users can interrogate the GBI data to create customised benchmarking and best-practice reports to support decision-making and planning.

Three way comparison using ZONE4’s comparison machine model. Users are able to generate a report on a set of individual items of equipment and then setup a comparison report. The comparison report can then be modified using various KPI’s for real clarity of performance statistics.

Stored timestamped insight reports for feasibility studies and internal reporting on capacity and maintenance issues

A critical feature was a PDF exporter that included all charts, graphs, data and timestamp for report validity.

Partly funded by the Federal government and the University of Technology Sydney we worked with the traditional mine reporting and equipment specialists to build an interface to their operational and process data from hundreds of mines worldwide.

ZONE4 goes to Las Vegas for the launch of GBI DATA at MINEXPO 2012
iAwards 2013 – National finalist: Resources Category.

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