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Autonomous Vehicles
TMR/Queensland Government

Another project that we are currently working on with TMR (Transport and Main Roads) is a visualisation that explores the impact of AV (Autonomous Vehicles) on the current road network. As with all our projects the concept appears simple at the beginning but the more detail you add to the concept of AV’s the more complex the visualisation. The task of defining what exactly constitutes an AV is in itself difficult, let alone the impact of a shared network of AV.

We are working with a members of the department and a transport modelling expert to deliver a visualisation that will be used internally to plan changes to the road network in anticipation of the changing road usage patterns generated by AV.
There is a perception that the change will be slow but the project will explore the different levels of change based on the users input of percentage changes.

At some point there will be a fundamental change to road usage and the department is interested in what and when the changes could happen. Then what future planning changes they should or could make.

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