Pharmacy Benchmarking

The MemoCare WebApp interface utilises an interactive model to visualise a blend of diverse reporting data sourced directly from MemoCare’s national pharmacy patient/customer usage statistics. This data includes critical metrics such as ROI (return on investment) and KPI (key performance indicator) data, primarily for the purpose of national pharmacy benchmarking.

The project lays the foundation for presenting medication and patient data, aiding pharmacies in comprehending the significance of fostering customer engagement through GuildLink’s MemoCare product. The WebApp’s central focus lies in visually representing national pharmacy benchmarking, helping identify MemoCare “best practices” and offering support to enhance the ROI of individual pharmacies.

The primary objective of this reporting interface is to equip individual pharmacies with the necessary tools to gain a deeper insight into MemoCare ROI and pinpoint opportunities for process enhancement by comparing selected MemoCare KPIs to the national average.