Aftermath – Queensland Health

I spearheaded the development of an innovative drug awareness campaign, “Aftermath,” aimed at young people, which took a departure from explicit imagery. In my role as Senior UX/UI Designer and Technical Director, my team and I crafted an interactive narrative that seamlessly merged film, gameplay, and education.

Our campaign, commissioned by the Queensland Health Department, Queensland Government, was deployed on touchscreen kiosks at universities and colleges in South East Queensland. It underwent rigorous approvals and extensive focus group testing to ensure its effectiveness. Each narrative immersed users in first-person scenarios, requiring them to make critical choices, resulting in a more impactful learning experience.

The project incorporates first-person interactive videos within a scenario-based model, prompting users to make “yes or no” choices in specific situations. This choice element introduces a gaming aspect, fostering active user interaction rather than passive observation, ultimately enhancing the learning outcome.