Visualising Environmental Predictions

The Long Paddock, an open data resource provided by the Queensland Government, offers downloadable modelled predictions of future climate conditions. In my efforts to gain insights, I’ve been employing various methods to visualise this climate prediction data from The Long Paddock. My goal has been to pinpoint value and spatial discrepancies between outputs from each model, which in turn facilitates a clearer comprehension of the distinct modelling approaches.

As is often the case, there arise numerous questions about the insights gleaned from user interactions with data presented through different charting structures. It’s worth noting that this work is in its nascent stages and remains an ongoing endeavour, pursued as time allows.

Given the obvious concerns about the value of 3D charts, I have taken two approaches, 3D and a 2D view. 2D is very different but uses a combination of points and grid to show the differences. If disparities between the point and square polygons are noticeable, they indicate discrepancies in the modelled output.