Osteopathy Patient Journey

From a conversation to a cutting-edge SaaS product, our journey revolved around understanding the patient experience through data. We worked with a network of Osteopathic clinics to create a patient-focused solution for business reporting and optimisation.

Our team played a pivotal role in this project. We brainstormed innovative ideas to enhance the patient experience, refined them to be patient-centric, and analysed healthcare processes for optimisation. Tailored models were crafted for allied health practices, and real-time insights were integrated through Practice Management Software. Our mobile-friendly design ensures accessibility, and fair pricing plans were established. In-depth user profiling and testing ensured diverse needs were met, and comprehensive support materials were provided for an effective healthcare journey.


Research Project

The team has undertaken a research project aimed at mapping an extensive volume (in the millions) of appointments to determine the average number and pattern of treatments a patient can anticipate when seeking treatment for a specific complaint. The duration between appointments serves as an indicator of treatment plan effectiveness: shorter intervals indicate more acute issues, while regular, evenly spaced intervals suggest a well-established management plan and patient comfort.