Mining equipment benchmarking

In the context of a Government program aimed at bridging traditional businesses with interactive media companies, a meeting convened between myself and the proprietor of GBI, a Mining Equipment Benchmarking service. During this meeting, we conceived the idea of a dynamic subscription-based model to create equipment benchmark reports.

I efficiently oversaw all project aspects alongside the four primary stakeholders, including concept development, planning, UX/UI design, user testing, development, and deployment. The project was completed within its allocated timeline and budget, positioning it for a successful launch at Las Vegas’s MinExpo. GBI clients had the option to access and analyse data, offering valuable insights before investing in costly mining equipment such as trucks, diggers, and draglines. The interface grants secure online access to 8000 years of operational data from mining equipment located in mines across the globe.

  • iAwards 2013 – National finalist: Resources Category