Minekite (Product Development) Katestone Environmental

Developed for an environmental engineering company, this data visualisation tool gives our client the ability to deliver complex forecasting calculations of coal dust emissions in a new way. The interactive interface allows users to model and share different scenarios creating new insights and aiding in communication and decision making.

The Dust Mitigation Decision Tool for Coal emissions interface supports:

  • Identification of emissions risk based on 4-day forecast information combined with existing specific site data
  • Explore reduction options for: Overburden, Road base, ROM Coal and Ground Coal through rehabilitation, suppressants, watering levels I and II
  • Outcomes: How did the emissions picture change based on specific actions?
  • Cost implications from selected actions
  • Ongoing reporting to Government for the NPI (National Pollutant Index)

The focus for the project was a limited set of functionality to set specific control elements in the interface and then see the emissions reductions and cost implications. The interface was built in JavaScript for viewing on iPad and PC/Mac devices.

Minekite is designed around an algorithm to calculate the level of emissions based on the size and location of the site with cost factors for the various reduction measures and water. These base figures are then mapped against a 4-day forecast to predict the levels of emissions. The user is then able to select from the various emission reductions options and see in real-time the reduction and cost impacts of their choice.

Updated daily forecast weather data was also included within the interface, wind direction, humidity and temperature forms an important element to the Minekite forecasting model.

Initial Concept Demo
Screen Mock