Multitouch UX/UI – G20 & QUT


I was asked to join QUT’s ViseR (Visualisation and eResearch) and take on the responsibility for the UX/UI design for the Queensland Government’s massive screen data visualisation project held at QUT’s Gardens point CUBE. My challenge was to design an interface that could fit with the two-story high projector wall and the 21 touch screen panels that sit below.

The interface had to be engaging and simple for anyone to explore the data. The different user profiles were: general public, policy makers, government presenters and researchers.

The data that the Government wanted to display was divided into a series of “pillars” that covered the Queensland economy in industry segments. The data was very dry which pushed the requirements for the presentation model to be interesting. The combination of data, mapping and massive touch screen interaction was a real challenge.

I worked to deliver a solution that was a single visual style for the entire set of screens. A central part of my design was the spinning wheel interface which, allowed for a high level of user exploration. The spinning wheel user interaction model also worked to unite the projector and touch components of the interface.