SaaS Product development (UX/UI) – PracView


From a conversation to a SaaS product. 

Over the past 12 months I have been working with the owner of a group of Osteopathic clinics to build a SaaS business reporting and optimisation digital product. The product started as a single conversation and is now in a full public release

The clinic owner had been successfully working with a business coach to improve his own business. The owner then had other allied health practice owners asking if he could work as a consultant to help them also improve their businesses. This is where the conversation started around the combination of business techniques, allied health expert and digital product creation.

My process involved:

  • Initial concepts
  • Market and deeper concept exploration
  • Business processes, Data analysis and getting a real picture of the opportunity
  • Internal Allied Health business process models
  • API and “real-time” data access via the Practice Management Software
  • UX and UI concept development (Mobile first – Web)
  • Pricing model exploration
  • User profiling, market testing and revisions
  • Support materials

The PracView project is a collaboration between myself (concept and UX/UI), an osteopath group and a developer. Together the group has successfully created a “data” lead digital subscription product from concept to public release.

Value proposition and visual presentation

A key component of the creation of the PracView product has been the positioning of the value proposition and how the visuals and words support the message. We have been through a series of AB tests with a target group of users. The evolution of the website and identity for the product has progressed through the process and will continue to progress as the value proposition is further refined.

Extended Reporting

The model of reporting to the user is a critical element of the value of the PracView product – the ability for the user to “see” the progress of their business in a simple easy to understand view is the core. This is then supported with extended recommendations and content that supports changes in processes within the organisation.


The creation of a direct link between the App experience and the extended web reporting allows the user to be able to track improvements in the business across multiple devices.

Testing and re-work of the payment models

I have tested a series of different payment and subscription models with our core group of “friendly” users. This has enabled us to have some real clarity around how the billing is positioned both from a value position but also how its presented. The concept of basing pricing on the number of users vs a single price for a single user is the current user testing.

prac_price_01 prac_price_02 prac_price_03


Ongoing Research Project

The group has been working on a research project to map a huge number (millions) of appointments to calculate the average number/pattern of treatments a patient might expect when presenting with a specific complaint. The length of time between appointments is a measure of the success of the treatment plan, the less time the more acute the issue. The more regular and evenly spaced the more there is a management plan in place and the patient is comfortable.


At the core of the R&D project is the generation of an algorithm designed to calculate an “expected” patient journey through allied health support by grouping each individuals interaction based on appointment details, complaint, gender and age.

I supported the establishment of the R&D plan and tax incentive to further investigate the model as the data is collected.