Electrical Grid Maintenance Application

The need to address challenges in presenting maintenance review data was the driving force behind the conceptualisation of a data product aimed at enhancing the management, security, and presentation of critical asset data. The primary issue revolved around the sheer volume of “defects” identified in maintenance reviews. To develop these concepts, I worked with a dataset containing 45,000 defects, each characterised by specific parameters such as location, voltage, cost categories, and timeframes. The critical parameter in this context was the urgency level for defect resolution.

Utilising a dynamic data interface to present defects within three distinct categories: hardware, vegetation, and span, each with its own set of parameters, was a task far more complex than could be achieved with a spreadsheet. Structuring the data offered additional advantages, primarily the capacity to categorise defects into groups for centralised contract procurement, review, and quoting.

My involvement in the project encompassed designing the UX/UI, as well as planning and managing the development requirements for an asset inspection tool. This tool aimed to streamline the distribution, management, presentation, and selection of maintenance work tasks extracted from annual electrical grid inspection reports.

Key interaction components included:

  1. An interactive online dynamic data visualisation platform for asset reporting data, continuously updated through maintenance spreadsheets.
  2. Risk visualisation, facilitating the alignment of maintenance activities with high-risk sections of the network.
  3. Task prioritisation, enabling easy identification of tasks based on their number and priority.
  4. Enhanced and secure distribution of reports to asset owners.
  5. Task tracking for completed tasks, referencing annual records and reports.
  6. Optimisation of pole, span, and vegetation tasks based on associated costs.
  7. The capability to bundle sets of tasks into work orders for quoting and procurement management.