Electrical Grid Maintenance Application

HAWCS International

The problems of presenting maintenance review data was the key driver for the creation of a data product concept to streamline the management, security and presentation of critical asset data. The problem was associated with the scale of “defects” found in the maintenance reviews. The data I used to develop the concepts included a spreadsheet of 45,000 defects, each of with had a set of parameters including location, voltage, costs categories and timeframes. The key parameter was the level of urgency for the defect to be completed.

The ability for a dynamic data interface to present the defects across the three categories of hardware, vegetation and span each with their own set of parameters is not something that can easily be achieved using a spreadsheet. There are additional benefits from the data being held in a structured model – primarily the ability to filter the data (defects) into groups that can then be reviewed and quoted on via a centralised contract procurement model.

The project involved the creation of the UX/UI, planning, and management of the development requirement for the creation an asset inspection tool. The purpose of the tool was to streamline the: distribution, management, presentation and selection of maintenance work tasks identified in annual electrical grid inspection reports.

Core interaction components:

  • Interactive online dynamic data visualisation of asset reporting data via the ongoing import of maintenance spreadsheets
  • Visualise Risk and align maintenance activities around high-risk sections of the network
  • Prioritisation of maintenance tasks: Interface to the number/priority of tasks that needed to be completed
  • Reduce/streamline/secure the process of report distribution to asset owners
  • Reporting task tracking of completed tasks based on annual records/reports
  • Optimisation of pole, span and vegetation tasks based on costs associated with different types of tasks
  • Ability to bundle a set of tasks into a work order for quoting – procurement management