I’ve been working in the creative industries since 1999, during this time I’ve worked with both large and small teams and organisations.  I’ve been co-founder of a startup that grew into a role of Design and Technical Manager of a 35-person team focussed on the delivery of international projects for broadcasters. Many of the roles that I’ve had have been with dedicated 4/6-person teams building innovative digital products.

Through years of professional experience across all areas of the digital media industries I’ve built my design capabilities, technical knowledge, leadership skills and creative innovation through real world delivery of public facing projects. My experience covers every intricate detail involved in the creation, management and deployment of digital products and projects. I’ve taken responsibility for million dollar international projects and successfully delivered them on time and on budget.

I was one of three co-founders of Hoodlum (2006-2008), the projects delivered under my Design and Technical Direction achieved global recognition including a BAFTA award and several International Digital EMMY nominations.

Alongside a number of major international projects and awards I’ve been invited to publicly present in the: UK, Japan, Sweden and France. These experiences include the International Japan Prize for innovation in welfare media, X-Media Lab and MipTV.

Its the ability to truly understand: timeframes, creative, innovation, production, scoping and technical develop models in a way that allows me to execute truly innovative projects.

Thom Saunders
0412 911 276

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