Pharmacy Benchmarking

GuildLink – Pharmacy Guild Australia

The MemoCare interface (WebApp) used a dynamic interactive model to visualise a combination of different reporting data. The data will be retrieved directly from MemoCare national pharmacy/ patient/customer usage statistics and will include ROI (return on investment) and KPI (key performance indicator) data for the purposes of national Pharmacy benchmarking.

The reporting project formed the base of model for presenting medication and patient data for pharmacies to better understand the importance of building engagement with customers via GuildLink’s MemoCare product. The WebApp is focused on visualisation of national benchmarking of pharmacies to identify MemoCare “best practice” and to provide support with improving the individual pharmacies MemoCare ROI.

The core purpose of the reporting interface is to provide individual pharmacies with tools to better understand MemoCare ROI and to identify opportunities for process improvement by benchmarking selected MemoCare KPI’s against the national average.


Further refinements to the visual style based on initial feedback from users

First round visual mockups with multi-colour and charts

Initial mocks based on the data structure defined in the project scoping phase.