Emmerdale Murder – iTV UK

In my role as Senior UX/UI Designer and Technical Director of the project, I had the unique opportunity to contribute to a 22-week project that connected with over a million unique users.

I managed a dedicated team of 20 full-time professionals, collectively responsible for developing the project’s infrastructure, interface, and games. This collaborative effort also extended to partnering with ITV Emmerdale scriptwriters in the UK and the production department to create new visual, auditory, and video elements featuring the show’s characters and locations. These enrichments seamlessly integrated into the virtual town we meticulously constructed, offering valuable clues related to Tom King’s storyline.

Within my role, I conducted in-depth analysis of audience interactions with various components of the website, identifying patterns in their engagement levels. This analysis informed the creation of new elements designed to better respond to audience engagement. Secondly, I provided ITV with detailed reports on audience metrics and engagement levels, offering valuable insights into the project’s performance.

  • 2008 BAFTA Awards (Nomination)
  • 2008 INTERNATIONAL EMMY (Nominees: ITV / Hoodlum Active)
  • 2007 TV ATOM Awards – Finalist