Product (UX/UI) – Portfolio Optimisation

I have been working with business architects, project managers, developers and optimisation maths experts to design and develop a digital product that can optimise a massive portfolio of projects for large enterprise.

The combination of interactive project visualisation and maths optimisation allows a series of projects and their associated cost, labour and time constraints to be passed to the optimisation engine which, responds with an optimised set of projects. Each response from the optimisation engine includes projects that can be completed within the constraint parameters. The responses are also stored by the interface’s database as a “scenario” these scenarios can be viewed and shared as possible options. Each stored scenario change can then be animated allowing the user to visually see the impact of changing projects, budgets on the pattern of projects.

There are real benefits to the dynamic model of creating scenarios that can quickly be modified and shared as it allows for clarity at the top level of the organisation as to the projects for consideration and how they align with the overarching enterprise strategy.

There is a extremely high level of complexity in trying to model a large set of projects and their various sets of constraints. This complexity is exponential when planners have to account for the the projects also fitting into pre-defined concepts such as: strategies, benefits and outcomes.