Product Development (UX/UI) – CoalChain

The CoalChain App is designed to present “Coal Delivery Management” data in a easy to use dynamic model. The App supports multi-site and multi-type reporting and includes: mine output, mine stockpiles, rail to port, port stockpiles, shipping and customer product level details.

A key part of the project was to define a set of user profiles and create “wireframes”, which broke the reporting data into a series of display elements each to support specific user understanding of the different stages of Coal delivery from site to customer. Each element was arranged into a hierarchy of importance. I then produced UX/UI materials for the App and a simple UI for the import/upload of data. Each user type needed to be in full control of the App and data that is imported.

A series of UI “mock-ups” went through a review process prior to the individual charting elements being created. The user swipe model to get from screen to screen was defined – there was an overview screen that formed a “quick view” of the site.

Long-term outcome

The goal of the project is to amalgamate a set of data from multiple sites into a single interface and prove a “co-operative” shipping and logistics model of coal shipping from second tier sites in Queensland would provide buying power and reduce costs for the individual sites.