Project Modelling



ZONE4 created a data visualisation interface to display top level information on the location size and status of a series of exploration projects that NewCrest and their explorers were currently looking at.

Each exploration project had to pass through a series of development stages before going into full operation.


Each stage was a type of health check for the site. As the sites moved up the pyramid they would morph and split as new sub-site were discovered. This was the challenge for the traditional methods of visualising the projects. We designed and developed an interface that would animate the changes for each site over time. This gave a clear picture of the sites that were moving up and others that were not. The splitting of the sites into multiple opportunities was also very clear and could then allow for further investigation into the specific site and what was happening.

A super easy way to understand a top level overview of all the exploration sites and a model for sharing information at an executive level.