Knowledge Capture

TMR Lessons Learned
Transport and Main Roads, Queensland Government. 

I was contracted by the Program Delivery unit of Transport and Main Roads to deliver a project called “Lessons Learned”. The data that sits behind the interface is from over 10,000 road project records.

This project is a leading example of how powerful the combination of maps and data presented in an interactive data visualisation can be. It allows for two very different models of interaction. One very specific by clicking on a line on a map and seeing all the relational data connected to that project presented on screen. The other allows the filter mechanic to play back into the map by filtering down to only project lines with the same, for example – budget range or a specific timeframe. This provides an exploration model for human visual perception to identify patterns or trends in massive numbers of projects.

The interface utilises a combination of: maps, icons and graphical elements to simplify data representation. The end user will be presented with the interactive visualisation that allows for data to be filtered across a wide set of categories. The user will quickly get to know the scope and patterns within the projects and from this an understanding of what were successful projects and which ones were not so successful.