Fat Cow Motel: ABC Australia

We were contracted as the design and technical leads for the FAT COW MOTEL website and screen graphics, complementing the 2003 ABC TV series in Australia. Our responsibilities spanned various areas, from screen graphics, design, development, content, to ongoing updates for the extensive 5,500-page site. Impressively, it drew over a million page views within its second week.

We introduced a unique aspect to heighten the gaming experience. By involving an ABC writer as a moderator, we added an extra layer of excitement. Players exchanged poetry for valuable clues and hints, creating a dynamic and interactive experience.

In our quest to understand user interactions and track engagement, we stumbled upon an unexpected revelation. We discovered a highly dedicated demographic of gamers, with middle-aged women emerging as the largest and most devoted audience segment. Their level of enthusiasm and commitment rivalled that of any other gaming enthusiasts.

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