Fat Cow Motel

ABC Broadcasting Australia

Australia’s first truly multi-platform television experience… 2001

I was contracted to work as the design and technical director of the FAT COW MOTEL website and screen graphics to accompany the TV series shown in 2002 on the ABC network in Australia.

The core delivery was content creation, modification and update of the 8500 page website which received over a million page impressions in its second week and 20,000 people played the game every week trying to solve the mystery. The forum acted as a help space for new players and users who get stuck on a specific codes. Myself and the team were responsible for support over the 13 week duration that the TV show was broadcast.

The reporting requirement for the project formed the base of a model that I continue to use as part of my other contracting work.

The players also developed a tribute site that lists all the previous weeks codes and where to find them. There have been several research projects and industry presentations following the successful development and delivery of the project.