PS Trixi (Hoodlum)

While I was Design and Technical Director (co-founder) of Hoodlum we produced PS Trixi in 2005. My role was the UX/UI creative and management of the technical and delivery aspects of the project. Integration of the various Yahoo applications and overarching project management.

PS Trixi was a 13 episode online drama series & Alternate Reality Game (ARG) produced by Hoodlum Active P/L for Yahoo!7. PS Trixi kicked off with an innovative cross-platform viral campaign, establishing its lead character, Trixi, as a ‘real’ online DJ who’s sister, Max, had recently disappeared in mysterious circumstances.

Trixi enlisted the audience to help find her sister over 13 weeks as well as to feedback and contribute to her radio show and personal life. The series, targeted at 18-26 year old women, incorporated extensive VLOGs, podcasts, character blogs, narrative-driven games and user-generated content. It also enabled the audience to hack into ‘fake’ security cameras and webcams to spy on characters, witness seemingly ‘real time’ conversations and action and uncover clues to solve the mystery of Trixi’s sister’s disappearance.