Ready Set Go

Tourism Queensland

I was contracted to deliver a mobile App for TQ (Tourism Queensland) who had identified that a large percentage of tourism businesses that faced a natural disaster never recovered. The key issue was the creation of a disaster recovery plan – and the fact that most small tourism businesses did not have a plan.

The App was designed to support small tourism business users to generate a “business continuity plan”. The users enter data on: risks, organisational structure and operational activities (including insurance). The App included functionality to set alerts that would be triggered in the event of a disaster. There was a ticking clock triggering alerts for specific activities required when reacting to the disaster, these activities included taking still pictures, video and contact specific individuals.

The App worked by storing data on locally so that it would work with no network and then “sync” with a server if there was a network. This model also supported the draw down of data from the App’s server if the individuals phone was lost/broken.

At the end of the disaster the user could trigger the App to generate a PDF report that could be sent directly to their insurance company, with all the necessary details for the lodgement of a claim.