Financial Reporting App

Clubs with EGM’s (Electronic Gaming Machine)

Concept designs for gaming clubs to see real-time data from their financial management systems displayed via a dynamic mobile application. The screens included are based on raw data and provide an illustration of possible app functionality.

Key concepts explored are revenue vs expenditure through the use of a top level view of the club’s revenue sources vs expenditure cost centres. It would feature the highest single revenue generator and the highlight the same generator in the expenditure view.

A second concept is EGM turnover visualised through the use of totals for a selected time period. The combination of trend lines for the current time period and a comparative line of the same period last week, month or year.

The user can view the EGM’s performance from different perspectives such as, top performing, denomination, type and name. Users would also be able to view groups of machines.

Membership demographics
The application could include a breakdown of membership demographic data to support localised marketing decisions.

Manufacturer Occupancy
EGM occupancy data could be used to plot a series of trend lines for each machine type. This can be used to understand how different manufactures products are performing.

Time series visualisation of revenue in real time broken into individual revenue generators with dynamic time period selection.