AEC Data Transformer

The DPS (Data Processing System) supports raw ABS data import where it is verified against a predefined set of “digit” data structures for alignment with each of the ABS geographies and topics. This verified data is then “transformed” using AEC’s rebasing and concordance models.

My approach to the conceptual development of the DPS was to utilise the geographies and topics structures of the ABS Census data. The DPS is designed around holding the original ABS data unchanged and only triggering the transformation when a user chooses exports data. This allows for the AEC calculations performed on each dataset to remain external and if/when they change any new data exports can include the new/modified calculations.

The UX/UI stages of the project separately defined: importing, processing and exporting of the data. The core challenge in the project was to define the process by which the user worked through each stage: preparing data, importing, processing and then defining the categories and geographies of data required prior to export.

The UI is designed to seamlessly pass the user through each highly complex task to achieve the required data processing and export outcomes.