Data Mapping


TQ (Tourism Queensland)

ZONE4 was commissioned to develop a mapping solution for Tourism Queensland, the application we built allows for the plotting (via longitude and latitude co-ordinates) of markers displayed on a map of Queensland. These markers allow the user to search/filter and identify tourist business and services in the desired area.

The map and its markers were connected to data from three different tourism databases, including the ATDW (Australian Tourism Data Warehouse) and provided users with the ability to access detailed information and images on tourist services via the intuitive map interface.


Hornary Institute (LendLease)

Another example of the three-way filter model this time applied to demographic data for the purposes of identifying the hotspots for where best to plan and develop public facilities on the Sunshine Coast.

The ability to see time and population overlayed with existing services related to the daily movement of the population revealed a heat map of the populations activities.


BCC (Brisbane City Council)

The project with the BCC used 3000 “creative” businesses in Brisbane. These included galleries, shops, studios and creative businesses. The data looked like it presented Brisbane as a creative city on the surface. But when mapped and then through the use of filters the data was seen for what it really was.

This application was an example of the actual story behind the data being revealed. The “reality check” has been a consistent factor in all the visualisation jobs that we have developed.  There is a true sense of meaning in the data that can be easily understood, shared and presented through our visualisation model.

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